Welcome to the Blaingolf Website

Thank you for visiting the Blaingolf website. I have spent time researching, discussing and applying information with coaches and I look forward to the opportunity of helping you improve your game. I have experienced being on tour observing the top players and coaches world wide. In the 21st century one can measure what the best players do with their game through such programs as Trackman, 3D data and statistics.¬†I do not share the belief that the ‘average’ player cannot benefit from accessing this knowledge ¬†through Blaingolf and I look forward to helping you with your game.

Rebecca Wins Trainee of the year award 2012

NSW/ACT Trainee of the Year

I am honoured to have been named the 2011 NSW/ACT Trainee of the Year. This brought with it the additional honour of being the first female in the history of the PGA to receive this award.


SNAG and Mygolf programs

Blaingolf is a provider of both of these new pioneering initiatives designed to develop and promote golf to junior golfers.